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How it started



To provide innovative, creative, high-quality corporate event planning and strategies to each and every client. 


Our vision is to help shift perspectives and behaviors of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, through indigenous experiences


Creativity, Culture, Collaboration, Innovation, Honesty


Natasha Delany planned her first professional fashion show in 2019. As she watched the indigenous models walk down the runway, wearing indigenous clothing, strutting their stuff to "Halluci-nation" (previously a tribe called red), she fell in love. When she saw that fashion show, she witnessed for the first time her culture being shown in an intoxicatingly beautiful way. This was something that could not be taken away, this was something that everyone needed to see, it was undeniably breath-taking and she was undeniably proud of her indigenous culture.



Natasha Delany (Maiden name Saddleback) is originally from Samson Cree Nation. She grew up in foster care and group homes as a result of her mother being a MMIW (missing and murdered indigenous woman) and her kokum (grandmother) grew up in residential schools. As a result of the history of indigenous peoples and the suffering that was endured by residential schools many parents lost not only their children, but their culture and their knowledge of how to be parents once those children were returned home. 



Natasha was raised in a foster home where she became ashamed to be indigenous. It wasn't until her 30's when she started her healing journey that she became a ceremonial woman and a strong advocate of our sacred knowledge and ways of life. She started Indigenous Project Events in 2022 while she was completing her final year of her Bachelor of Business Administration and realized that this was how she could give back and help contribute to her community.


When the children were found during the residential school's unburial, it revealed the truth. Reconciliation is so important right now for government bodies, corporations, organizations and non-profits. Many want to have events that include indigenous people but they are not sure where to look, or how to approach us. People want to be respectful of our culture and our ways and our protocols. This is where Indigenous Project Events comes in, to be that bridge between the two worlds. 



There are many major players within the corporate event planning industry in Canada, however only a handful that specifically focus on indigenous culture and the arts. The difference between Indigenous Project Events is that we are branded to attract a modern, yet professional audience. Our target market are indigenous and non-indigenous corporations & organizations within Alberta  that are wanting to create indigenous focused-events that are modern, professional, and catered to YOUR companies vision.

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